Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Great Aunt Sherry

Aunt Sherry with  great niece Anika & niece Jill

Picture on Below:
 George & Sherry with great niece, Maggie Kilada.
In the course of my geneology research, I have documented the lives of many ancestors, but rarely written about the close relatives who have impacted my own life.

100 years from now, one of our descendants may set out to research the life of Sherry Jean Hennessy Plevretes.  He might find the date of her birth, her parents names, occupations, residences along with the names and ages of her siblings. The track of her life would show the death of her father, the birth of her son Russell, her marriage to George and the death of her mother etc.  He or she could note the joyous moments such as the birth of four wonderful grandchildren, and the sorrowful loss of loved ones.  

Yet none of these facts nor the thrill of finding original documents could capture the essence of her life.  Perhaps, it is worth writing about some of our living and breathing relatives!  Who knows, maybe this blog will survive 100 years ....

There's so much I could tell you about my aunt; how she has been my rock and the force that held our family together all these years or how blessed I have been to feel her love, support, guidance and friendship.   But these pictures do a much better job demonstrating her  exuberance, joy and love! 

Top left (1989):  Aunt Sherry holding her great nephew, Kevin Syska

Bottom left (1991):  Aunt Sherry holding great niece, Jessica Syska

Top right: Aunt Sherry holding great niece Jessica with Uncle George behind her.

Bottom right (1989): Aunt sherry with Linda and infant Kevin.

Top Left:  Aunt Sherry & Jill Hennessy

Top Right (1993):  Aunt Sherry & Sharon

Bottom Left  (1994):  Sharon, Cathy, Aunt Sherry & Suzy 

Bottom Right:  Suzy & Aunt Sherry

Top Left (1994):  Aunt Sherry with great niece, Emily Cribbins

Bottom Right:  Aunt Sherry with great niece & nephew, Emily & James Cribbins
Top Left:  Aunt Sherry with Gang.  Also on Sherry's right:  Shannon & Sherry Hennessy.

Right middle:  Cathy Hennessy & Aunt Sherry

Left middle:  The twins- Don & Sherry

Bottom left:  Aunt Sherry & Linda

Bottom Center:  Linda, Aunt Sherry holding Kevin with Scott.

Bottom right:  Aunt Sherry & Suzy

Top: Aunt sherry with grandchildren (Nick & Morgan) and great nieces & nephews.

Bottom Left  (1996)-  Aunt Sherry with great nephew- Jason Kilada

Bottom Right -  Aunt Sherry with Emily & Jason

Top Left:  Maggie & Nick

Top Right, bottom:  Aunt Sherry with Maggie

Top Left:  Aunt Sherry, Jason, Cathy & Uncle George.

Bottom Left (1997):  Russ, Jason, Aunt Sherry & Sharon

Bottom Right:  Suzy, Sharon, Shannon, Aunt Sherry & Sherry

Picture Below:  (top row) Maggie, James (Bromley), Jason, Nick, Bella, Morgan (bottom row) Emily, Will, Aunt Sherry & Tommy

Top Left:  Aunt Sherry with great nephews Tommy & Will Kilada

Top Right (2007) - Aunt Sherry & Jason

Bottom Left (2000) - Aunt Sherry & Uncle George with William & Thomas

Top Right - Aunt Sherry & Suzanne
Center- Aunt Sherry & Maggie
Bottom Left - Aunt Sherry & Scott
Bottom Right - Aunt Sherry & Sharon

A few more pictures........


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