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Family of John Cox Sr. (1847-1906)

John Cox II(1870-1940), emigrated to America in 1891, married Winifred Cooney and fathered Margaret F. (Cox) Hennessy and Mary C. (Cox) Schoenherr.  He was born in Derbyshire, England, the son of John Cox Sr. and Sophia Bolton

John Cox Sr. (1847-1906) was born in Belton, Leicestershire England the son of Edward Cox, b. abt 1820, and Mary (Waters) Cox, (1820- 1848)

Mary and Edward were married in April of 1840 in Loughborough, Leicestershire.  Their first child, Hannah Cox, was born in 1840 in Leicestershire.  The 1841 English census shows Edward, Mary and 6 mo. old Hannah living in Belton, Leicestershire with Mary's family including her father, Sampson Waters (1788-1871), her stepmother, Sarah, and her four siblings.  Edward Cox and Sampson Waters both worked as Framework Knitters.  Later, Sarah and older children also worked as Glove makers and stitchers. 

Mary and Edward's second child, John Cox Sr. was born in 1847 in Belton.  A year later, in August of 1848, his sister Hannah died at only 8 years old.  His mother Mary also died in 1848 at 28 years old.  The cause of their deaths is unknown.  I have not been able to determine if Edward died or if he remarried. It appears that John was raised by his grandparents.  In 1851, the census shows 3 yr. old John Cox living in Castle Donnington, Leicestershire with Sampson and Sarah Waters along with his Uncle Enoch (25) and Aunt Sarah (20).  Then, at the age of 14, John went to work as a Servant in Whitwick, Oaks Church, Leicestershire in the house of Marmaduke Shields, Fundholder and Farmer. In 1869, at 22 yrs. old, John married Sophia Bolton and began their family.  See earlier post -John Cox II and Sophia Bolton- for more information.

John's mother, Mary (Waters) Cox was the daughter of Sampson Waters(1788-1871) and Ann (Worstall) Waters (1778-1820) who were married in Leicesters on July 27, 1807.  They had 3 daughters, Elizabeth born in 1808, Charlotte in 1810 and Mary in 1820.  Ann (Worstall) Waters passed away in February of 1820 of unknown cause. Sampson married Sarah (Wheldon) Waters on Aug. 11, 1822 and proceeded to have 4 more children, Enoch, Ann, Sampson Jr. and Sarah.  Sarah (Wheldon) Waters is not biologically related to John Cox Sr. but helped raise him.

John's grandfather, Sampson Waters(1788-1871) was born in Leicestershire, the son of John and Hannah Waters.  He was baptized at St. John the Baptist church on June 17, 1789 in Belton.

John's biological grandmother, Anne (Worstal or Worstall) Waters was born in 1778 in Derbyshire, the daughter of James and Ann (Sims) Worstal/Worstall.  Anne passed away in February of 1820 in Leicestershire.  No additional information is known about the Worstal/Worstall family.

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John Cox Sr. (1847-1906) and Sophia Bolton (1846-1934)

John Cox II (my great grandfather) was the son of John Cox Sr. (1847-1906) and Sophia Bolton (1846-1940).   The English Marriage Index indicates they were married in Leicestershire England in 1869.

John Cox II is born in February of 1870 in Shardlow, Derbyshire.  The 1871 English Census has the family, John Sr., Sophia and their infant son, residing at 50 London Rd, Shardlow with John Sr. working as a Coachman.  Younger brother Harry was born about 3 years later in 1873 also in Shardlow, Derbyshire.  Sometime between 1873 and 1880, the family moved to Anstey Pastures, Leicestershire which is where their first daughter, Edith, was born.  According to the 1881 Census, the family resided in the Coachman's Cottage at Anstey pastures with John Sr. continuing to work as a Coachman.  At that time they also had a domestic servant, a 14 yr. old girl named Jessie, living with them as well as a border.  Their last child, Ivy, was born in 1889. Both the 1891 and the 1901 census records show the family residing in the same place in Anstey Pastures.

John Cox II  emigrated to America in April of 1891 and married Winifred Cooney..  Edith Cox married John Gibbons in England in 1902 and emigrated to Ontario Canada in 1911.  Of note, Edith's grandson did a great of work tracing the Cox and Bolton family histories and shared the family photo posted to this blog.  Harry Cox stayed in England and married in approximately 1905.

John Cox Sr. passed away in the early part of 1906 at 58 years old in Leicestershire, England.  In 1911 Sophia, widowed, resided at 64 Mere Rd., Leicester with her daughter, Ivy Cox, who was 22 yrs. old and working as a Stenographer. Sophia (Bolton) Cox passed away in December of 1934 at 88 years old in Leicester, England.

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John Cox II and Winifred J. (Cooney) Cox

On April 20, 1891 John Cox II (1870-1940),  arrived in New York aboard the Aurania ship sailing from Liverpool England and Queenstown Ireland.   He was 21 years old at the time and had left his family in Leicestershire, England to start a new life in America.

He was the eldest Son of John Cox (b.1847-1906) and Sophia Bolton (1846-1934), brother of Edith, Harry and Ivy.  None of his family came to America, but Edith emigrated to Canada with her husband in 1911 to pioneer settle New Ontario.  Edith's descendants in Canada shared the Cox family photo posted on this blog.  It is believed that photo was taken in 1891, perhaps prior to John II departing for America.

We believe John met his future wife, Winifred J. Cooney (1868-1956) who emigrated from Ireland, aboard the Aurania immigration ship, but have been unable to find her on passenger lists to date.   Unfortunately, the 1900 census, which indicates John Cox arrived in 1891 with 9 years in the country, leaves both those fields blank for Winifred, possibly with the assumption they were the same as her husband, but there is no way to confirm that.  However, the 1920 census gives Winifred's immigration date as 1900, but this is obviously a mistake as John and Winifred were married in Massachusets in 1899.
The marriage record provides details, including occupations and parents names, thus, should be considered reliable. The record can be viewed on this blog -see 'John Cox comes to America'  on top of page.
The 1930 census is the last census that captures year of immigration and indicates that John and Winifred came to the US in the same year.

John and Winifred were married in North Attleboro, MA on June 22, 1899.   In 1900 they resided on W. 52nd St. in Manhattan and John was worked as a Coachman.  Winifred's sister, Maggie Cooney,was also living with them at the time.  Maggie, who was 17 years old at the time,  emigrated from Ireland the year before in 1899.  Winifred and John had a baby that died in infancy as the 1900 Census states Winifred was the mother of 1 child not living.  They had 2 other children, that we know of, born in 1902 and 1906.

In 1920, the family lived at 77 Church St. in New Rochelle with their daughters, ages 18 and 13.  John was employed as an Automobile Driver and the oldest daughter, Margaret was employed as a bank Stenographer.  They also had 3 lodgers living with them at the time.  By 1925 they had moved to 22 Lincoln St. New Rochelle.  According to the 1930 Census they owned that home, valued at $15,000 and they also owned a Radio Set.  John continued to work as a private Chauffeur.  Margaret was no longer living at home as she had gotten married a year earlier in 1929.

The 1940 Census has John & Winnie living at 22 Lincoln St. with their daughter Mae (Cox) Schoenherr,  Mae's husband Ralph and their oldest daughter, their second child not having been born yet.  John was 70 years old at that time and not working/retired.  John Cox II died in 1940.  He is buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, NY with Winifred who passed away in 1956.  Their daughter, Margaret, and her husband, Thomas Hennessy are buried in the same plot.  The younger daughter, Mae, passed away in 1954 at only 48 years old, and is buried elsewhere.

Children of John and Winifred Cox:

  • Margaret F. Cox (1902-1981) - married Thomas F. Hennessy (1899-1954) and had 4 sons and 2 daughters
  • Mary Katherine (Mae) Cox (1906-1954) - married Ralph Schoenherr and had 2 daughters

Thomas F. Hennessy and Margaret F. (Cox) Hennessy

On August 1, 1929 Thomas F Hennessey and Margaret F. Cox (nickname Flo) were married in New Rochelle, NY.  They went to Europe on their honeymoon and are recorded as returning aboard the SS Franconia on Sept. 15, 1929.

Thomas Francis Hennessy (1899-1954) was born in Brooklyn, NY, the second of four sons born to  Patrick J. Hennessy (b.1874) and Mary (Archer) Hennessy (b. abt. 1873).  Thomas's mother, Mary, passed away in approximately 1909, when he was just 10 years old.  His father remarried Annie Hussey in 1914 and began a second family.  It appears Thomas continued to live with the family until his marriage in 1929. Thomas served in the Military briefly from October to December 1918.  He then went to Fordham University, receiving his undergraduate degree in 1922 and his law degree in 1925.  He went into general legal practice and served as a professor at Fordham Law School.

In 1930, Thomas and Margaret are reported on Census records as residing in apt. 3B, unit 1 of Wykagye Gardens in New Rochelle, NY.   In 1940 they resided at 56 Northfield Rd., New Rochelle in their own home valued at $23,400.  At that time, Thomas had his own legal practice.   They were also the parents of 3 sons and 1 daughter.  In 1943, Margaret gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy.

Children of Thomas and Margaret (Cox) Hennessy:
Thomas F. Hennessy Jr.  -1931-1996
Son (Private- living)  - b. 1933
John Archer Hennessy (Jack)  -1934-2013
Margaret Anne Hennessy (Peggy Ann) - (1935-1989)
Son (private- living)  - b. 1943
Daughter (private- living) - b. 1943

In 1954,  Thomas Francis Hennessy passed away due to a heart condition.   That same year Margaret's sister, Mary (Mae) Catherine (Cox) Schoenherr, passed away due to a brain tumor.  Two years later in 1956 Margaret's mother passed away.  Margaret, herself, died in 1981 at the age of 79 in Poughkeepsie, NY at a hospital where she had spent most of the remainder of her life after the passing of her husband.

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Patrick Hennessy Immigration to America

On January 11, 1894, Patrick Joseph Hennessy emigrated to America from his home in Conahy, Killkenny Ireland.  He would have been 19 years old at the time.  Patrick Hennessy was born in Kilkenny, the son of Patrick Hennessy (b.1839) and Catherine Brennan (b.1845).  Patrick Hennessy Sr. parents may have been John & Ann Hennessy, however I have been unable to confirm that to date.
Due to the number of individuals with similar names, it has been difficult to find information that relates conclusively to either Patrick Hennessy in our tree.  It is unknown what ship Patrick arrived on in 1894 nor whether he came to this country alone or with relatives.

Patrick J. Hennessy's birth date is April 12, 1874.  This is confirmed in multiple sources, however, he did alter the year of his birth from 74 to 78 in census and other records as he got older, possibly to appear younger.

Patrick married Mary J. Archer in approximately 1895 based on multiple records.  Since Patrick arrived in the US in 1894, the assumption is that they were married here, however, no documents has been found to date.   Mary Archer was also born in Ireland, date of immigration unknown.  Their first child, Joseph, was born in 1898 possibly in Brooklyn, NY.  Their second son, Thomas Francis (my grandfather) was born on July 8, 1899 in Brooklyn as well.  Their third son, Henry, was born on January 26, 1901 in Pittsfield, Massachusets, although records indicate his parents resided in Brooklyn, NY at the time.  The fourth son, John, was born in 1906 in New York.

Patrick J Hennessy became a naturalized citizen in 1905 and worked as a chauffer or coachman.

Mary Archer Hennessy passed away sometime between 1906 and 1910.  The 1910 Census indicates that Patrick Hennessy (1874) was a widow.  At the time he was living in New Rochelle with 3 of his sons, Joseph, Thomas and Henry.  It is unknown where John was living at the time.

Patrick Hennessy married his second wife Anna M. Hussey (1887-1968) in approximately 1914.  The 1915 NY state census has them married living with Patrick's 4 sons (including John) as well as their first child, James, who is 75 days old at the time of the census.  Patrick and Anne had 5 more children from 1919-1931.

Of note, the 1915 census is the first time that Patrick claims his birth date to be 1878 instead of 1874.  His second wife was born in 1887 and is 13 years younger than Patrick which may have been part of the reason for the error in dates.

The Children of Patrick Hennessy and Mary Archer were:
Joseph Hennessy (b.1898) who served in the military and is believed to have died during WWI
Thomas F. Hennessy (1899-1954) married Margaret F. Cox (1902-1981)  (my grandparents)
Henry Hennessy (b.1901) - confined to the Craig Colony for Epileptics, Groveland, NY
John Hennessy (1906-1979)

Margaret Hennessy (1935-1989) Family Tree